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Our expertise are High tech composite parts, Aerospace radomes, special optical fiber, avionics insulation... Notre plaquette de présentation


Producing the brightest fluorescent fiber optics in the world, We have a high tech factory for manufacturing of plastic optical fibers, consisting of distillation systems for purifying monomers, continuous fibering systems with integrated laser measurement

Apollinaire Technologie manufactures the most qualitative fluorescent optical fibers in the world, through a highly rigorous process :

We remove from all chemical components the additives through distillation, and use only top quality materials These fibres are absorbing the light laterally and generate a luminous point at their extremities. An incident transversal light is absorbed by the fiber. A light having a higher wavelength is emitted at the extremities. Optical fibers are available in diameters of 0.25 to 3 mm. The minimal curve radius for a fiber of 1mm is diameter 25 mm (Smaller radii can be obtained using thermo-forming). These fibers can be used up to a temperature of 70°C.

Our workshop has first been the property of the french atomic agency (CEA) that has invented those optical fibres.

Complete workshop and patent have then been purchased by a company named Optectron. In 2006, this activity became the property of Apollinaire Technologie

So we own the first laboratory established for this technology, and we keep the spirit of those pioneers

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Luminescent plastic optical fibers are not fundamentally different from clear fibres. The core has been doped during manufacturing. When suitable radiation strikes a luminescent fiber transversally, it penetrates and excites the core material, and dopant. When relaxing, it generates light emission. A significant fraction of this luminous energy leaves the fiber. Nevertheless, a small fraction (corresponding to the rays emitted in the internal acceptance cone of the fiber) is trapped and guided to the two extremities of the fiber. A fluorescent optical fiber can be characterized by its excitation and emission spectra. These spectra depend on the dopants used during manufacturing of the fiber. For example, a “green” fluorescent fiber must be excited by UV or blue radiation.

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Quality is our main issue We have the following devices for controlling our optical fibres: 3 Laser measurement systems for diameters measurement (Precision better than +/-0.001 mm) Test bench equiped with a moving LED and a sensor, able to give the attenuation curve Spectrophotometer able to give the spectra curve and the light power for any fiber Microscopes for cut quality controls